Dear Friends,

You will find in this section, the presentations of the Symposium organized at ICOH 2015. Many thanks for the input of all the speakers, making this session a tremendous success.
We will upload on this site the Seoul’s meeting photos, as we receive them.

After the first symposium organized in 2012 at ICOH 2012 in Cancun, an “Emergency Care in Occupational Health” Working Group has been created, formerly short-named ECOH.
The aim of this 2015 session was to show the work achieved by the ICOH Working Group since the first symposium in Cancun, on so many different aspects of emergency preparedness, care and responses in Occupational Setting.

Today, our group officially came to be a Scientific Committee, now renamed “Emergency Preparedness and Response in Occupational Health”, short-named EPROH, as the ICOH officers reported us.
Next step will be organizing a mid-term congress and write a position statement!
We will keep you informed.
Please, do not hesitate to comment, add any valuable information or bring any update.

Our very best regards,

June 23, 2015
Alexis Descatha, Chairman
Michel Baer, Secretary